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Totality Corp was started in July 2017 with the goal of combining scalability through technology, innovation through design & retention through content. Our first product we wanted to develop a platform for gamers to compete with tangible rewards, culminating into MGPL (Mobile Gaming Premier League).


It was the first mobile platform in India to offer real money gaming across a variety of casual games. We grew to 2.2mn users, with tangible rewards of Rs 2.5 Crores each month. The product was self funded by the Founder & saw the emergence of many VC backed startups over the next 9 months.

In July 2019, Totality Corp ventured into the interactive video space & subsequently raised funding from 2 renowned Institutional Investors, Leo Capital & Mayfield.


We launched Yovo, a vertical feed, interactive video mobile app which grew to 3.5mn users with 1.3mn monthly active users, who were creating 40,000 videos each day on the platform.


Interactive video (think Netflix Bandersnatch) is an exciting space but we realised that the interactivity behavior was still early for the Indian market where TV consumption & other non-interactive linear video formats like Tiktok were booming & yet to hit saturation points.

Totality Corp has now gone back to its gaming roots & are creating what Walt Disney would have founded in 2020.


We are developing a live persistent virtual world, where people all over the World can congregate, socialize, play games & create together.


Our vision is to empower everyone on this planet with an opportunity to create anything, do anything by being themselves.


We are bringing the new phase of 3D Internet to the World.




Anshul Rustaggi


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Govind Singh

Tech Lead

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Alisha Zaidi

People Operations Lead

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Brijesh Bhatt

Android Lead

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Pravin Vedurla

AI Engineer

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Manish Singla

UI/UX Designer

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Shivam Chhuneja

Growth Hacker

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Sakuntala Poudel

Video Editor

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Mithun Khanjir

Game Design Lead

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Krushna Chaudhary

Game Developer

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Mariappan Nainar

Game Developer

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Nimisha Parashar

Behavioural Researcher

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Ttanusha Dhawan

Junior UI/UX Designer

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Shivani Mandhotra

Marketing Executive

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Bhanupratap Singh

3D Animator

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Kartik Mangal

Game Dev Consultant

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Adesh Warade

Marketing Consultant

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Game Developer

Priyanshu Verma

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Saumy Agrawal

Finance & Legal Consultant

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Devanshi Gupta

Animation Executive

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Game Design Executive

Shubham Jagdale

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Hardeep S. Narang

Jr. Software Development Engineer

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Madhvendra Singh Rajput

Game Design Executive

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Karthik B.

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Animation Executive

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Parth Gupta

Jr. Software Development Engineer