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Totality Corp was started in July 2017 with the goal of combining scalability through technology, innovation through design, and retention through content. We have ventured into various domains, from gaming to interactive video, and now exploring the cutting-edge world of NFTs and AI technology.

Our first product, the Mobile Gaming Premier League (MGPL), was developed as a platform for gamers to compete with tangible prizes. MGPL was the first mobile platform in India to offer gaming across a variety of casual games, and it grew to 2.2 million users. The product was self-funded by the Founder, and over the next nine months, many VC-backed startups emerged in the space.

In July 2019, Totality Corp ventured into the interactive video space and subsequently raised funding from two renowned Institutional Investors, Leo Capital and Mayfield. We launched Yovo, a vertical feed, interactive video mobile app that grew to 3.5 million users with 1.3 million monthly active users, who were creating 40,000 videos each day on the platform.

As we continued to innovate and expand, in 2021, we introduced Zionverse, an NFT gaming ecosystem for Creators, Investors, and Gamers to explore the first Indian Metaverse of its kind. Zionverse celebrates Indianness by building on the diverse content library of Indian culture, otherwise unexplored on a global level. Our goal is to journey our tight-knit community into the world of Indian Metaverse Gaming and build upon the endless possibilities it has to offer.

Our latest venture, launched in 2023, is Never. It is a digital platform that employs cutting-edge AI technology to generate hyper-realistic images for various purposes, such as social media profiles, gaming avatars, and virtual reality experiences.

As we evolve, we remain committed to our roots in gaming and now focus on developing a live persistent virtual world, where people worldwide can congregate, socialize, play games, and create together.
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Our vision is to empower everyone on this planet with the opportunity to create anything, do anything, by being themselves.
Totality Corp continues to bring the new phase of 3D Internet to the world, providing exceptional experiences that empower individuals across the globe to connect, create, and share in new and exciting ways.
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